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Local Kitchen Techniques
Andorran recipes are heavily influenced by Catalunya, with strong hints of southern France. The following are a selection of the most popular and representative styles of cooking and/or presentation:
À la Ariègeoise  Cooked in a style typical of the neighbouring Ariège region of France;  normally referring to a stew and generally consisting of cabbage, beans, pork or mutton.

A la Brasa  Roasted on a wood fire;  most traditional restaurants feature an open fire grill attended by a chef, the choice of wood being as important as the cooking method in imparting a distinctive flavour.

A la Catalana  Cooked to a typically Catalan recipe;  generally applied to all local recipes and dishes, and most usually referring to roasted and grilled meats, but with no real set ingredients other than seasonal produce.

A la Graella (a la Parrilla)  Barbecued on a cast iron grill over, or vertically next to, an open wood fire.

A la Llauna  Usually reserved for a most popular Catalan snail recipe:  the snails are cooked over an open wood fire on a special tin plate (‘llauna’ = tin).
The llauna resembles a petit-fours serving plate:  round and flat, but with individual indentations to hold each snail open-end uppermost, and with a vertical handle in the middle.

A la Llosa  Cooked on a hot slate (the ‘llosa’);  usually a DIY task at your table. Same as the French-style pierrade.

D'Olla  Cooked in a short-handled Catalan stewing pot (the ‘olla’);  associated with stews like escudella and meat dishes such as carn d'olla.

A la Planxa  Grilled, usually on a hot-plate;  the most common method of cooking used in snack bars.


How Would You Like Your Steak?
Andorrans prefer to eat their meat quite rare, so if your taste is for it to be more bien echo (well done) try asking for it to be muy bien echo (very well done), otherwise it is likely to arrive closer to medium rare.
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