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Classic Catalan appetiser: pa amb tomàquet


La Carta
When asking to see the menu in Andorran restaurants, ask for la carta (or la carte  in French), because the word ‘menu’ is used in Andorra simply to refer to the daily specials set-menu:
Menu del Día (Menu du Jour)  An economical, daily specials set-menu, usually of two or three courses, with at least two choices; often with pudding, bread, and sometimes even with a drink included.


Amanida Catalana  Mixed salad Catalan-style, with slices of cured sausages.

Calçots  A type of spring onion (similar to Welsh onions), roasted or grilled and served with allioli  and/or salsa romesco  dip.

Cargols a la Llauna  Snails cooked over an open wood fire on a special tin plate (the ‘llauna’); salt, pepper and olive oil are liberally added and the snails are served straight from the llauna.  A Catalan recipe, originating from Lleida province.

Escalivada  Red pepper, aubergine and onion, cooked and soaked in olive oil then usually (and best) served cold.

Pa amb Tomàquet (‘Pan con Tomate’ in Spanish)  Toasted bread rubbed with garlic and tomato and then drizzled with olive oil; often a DIY task.

Trinxats  Cabbage and potato hash with garlic; a bit like ‘bubble & squeak’.

Trumfes  Potatoes, simply baked in a wood fire.

Xató  Salad with strips of salt cod (bacallà ), tuna and anchovies.


Cassoulet  A stew of haricot beans, sausage, pork and/or confit of goose, and vegetables. Originating from around Toulouse, Carcassonne and Castelnaudry in France; in the Ariègeois  version it is made as a ragout of mutton and cabbage.

Costelles de Xai  Roast lamb ribs, usually served with allioli  dip.

Escudella  Thick soup/stew of meat, botifarra  sausage and mixed vegetables.

Faves a la Catalana  Broad beans and botifarra negra  sausage stew; similar to the famous fabada asturiana  stew from the Asturias region of Spain.

Paella  Saffron-flavoured rice, meat and/or seafood dish originally from Valencia; usually found in resorts at festivals and high-season weekends, served from giant paella pans cooked on restaurant terraces.

Peus de Porc amb Bolets  Pig's trotters with wild mushrooms.

Truites a l'Andorrana  Andorran river trout, simply grilled or roasted and served garnished with seasonal vegetables.


Crema Catalana  Catalunya's star dessert, similar to crème brûlée:
rich, sweet custard, flavoured with cinnamon, orange, lemon or aniseed, and topped with caramelised sugar.

Mel i Matò  Cream cheese drizzled with honey and sprinkled with flaked almonds.

Music  Simply a selection of nuts and dried fruit, served on their own or drizzled with honey;  useful to pick at while you finish off that extra bottle of wine and/or digestif you ordered!

Orejones  Dried, sliced peaches and apricots; presented as a confection or tart.
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