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Sector:  Vallée Blanche
A fair red, often mogulled, flowing down the open slopes off the ridge above the Bergerie Kanata bar/restaurant. Unfortunately, the east-facing orientation and lack of snowmaking cannons means that this face of the mountain is prone to sparse snow cover, but it is worth a blast when conditions are good.

The run can be accessed from the Vallée Blanche chairlift, by following the ‘Liaison Vallons de Bons’ signs along the uppermost blue-graded cross-mountain traverse.

Spilling off the ridge to start, the route veers to the skier's right and follows the course of a barely perceptible shallow gully, with three distinct pitches rolling over the open and undulating terrain. The line of descent bisects a cross-mountain traverse track (the Vallons de Bons route), which cuts from [skier's] left-to-right to link with the Vallée Blanche slopes far over to the skier's right; apart from this minor interruption, the route is straightforward.

Dropping out behind/below the Bergerie Kanata, the descent then crosses the line of the Cote piste, which is flowing from [skier's] right-to-left for the cross-town link to the core ski area on the other side of town. Turn to the skier's left to join that; or, continue straight on down the slopes behind/below the Bergerie Kanata, eventually joining the lowest section of the Vallée Blanche 1 to reach the roadside base of the Vallée Blanche chairlift.
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