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Ski lift symbol: 30-passenger rail-mounted cabin lift


1 Minute Journey90 m (99 yd) Long
65 m (213 ft) Rise600 Passengers/Hour
Sector:  Glacier
Because the base-terminal station for the Dome Express funicular is located about 200 m (219 yd) away from, and 100 m (328 ft) below, the main Glacier 3200 sector interchange level, this rail-mounted cabin lift (elevator) provides a link between the two levels.

The lift's upper terminal is located just below Les Glaciers bar/restaurant complex, and is accessible via a covered walkway from/to the interior of the restaurant; there is also a piste-side entrance/exit at the side of this walkway, facing the upper-terminal station of the Jandri Express 2 cable car.

A single cabin travels externally on an inclined rail; the cabin is glazed at the front, letting in plenty of natural light and giving good views over the lower glacial zone towards the Toura sector.

At the base terminal: stairs lead to/from the underground funicular station below; there is also a piste-level exit/entrance in this stairwell, all on-piste routes from this level link with the Jandri 4 run heading towards Toura 2600.
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