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Ski lift symbol: 6-seater chairlift (detachable)


4¼ Minutes Journey1285 m (1406 yd) Long
430 m (1411 ft) Rise3300 Passengers/Hour
Sectors:  Cretes/Diable
Departing from the Lac du Plan area and serving the Bellecombes 2, the Bellecombes 4, and the Bellecombes 5; as well as providing an albeit flat link to the Toura 2600 sector interchange via the Acces Toura 2600 track.

The base terminal is reached by the Bellecombes 1 traverse and by all variations of the Jandri 3, as well as by all of the above-mentioned pistes.

The lift journey begins horizontally across the Lac du Plan tarns area. These tarns are used as reservoirs for the snowmaking system: the bubbles breaking the surface are created by loops of underwater air hoses, agitating the water in order to prevent thick surface-ice forming, thus keeping the water supply accessible.
The lift then climbs up a rocky chute containing the ungroomed Bellecombes 5 (Grand Couloir) run, providing a mobile vantage point from which to check out the best lines of descent.

On Arrival:  at the upper terminal, U-turn either right or left on dismount, down to the wide Acces Toura 2600 track just below: turning to the skier's right here to follow this flat traverse will take you towards Toura 2600; otherwise, cross the track and then veer to the skier's right to reach the nearby Bellecombes 2 and Bellecombes 4; or, veer to the skier's left for the Bellecombes 5, which begins by ranging across the open snowfield closest to the line of the lift.
You can also turn immediately to the skier's left to traverse against the flow of the Acces Toura 2600 track for a ‘back-door’ link to the Super Diable slopes, although this is a very laborious way of reaching that area.
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Bellecombes Chairlift
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