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Sectors:  Glacier/Toura
Reached via the Glacier 1 run, this fair red-grade piste accesses the lower two Slide Zones plus a handy bypass around the flat central Toura 2600 area.

There are two entrances:  the first [highest] one links with the mid-station of the Glaciers chairlift, although this provides no practical advantage, before descending steeply to merge with the second [lower] spur of the piste.
The ‘Cascades’ Slide Zone drops off to the skier's left, just at the point where these two spurs meet;  the ‘Corniche’ Slide Zone is just a little further along the onward route of the Glacier 6 piste.

Continuing on the Glacier 6, there is then a short steep spur off to the skier's left to join the Jandri 4 piste, providing a link to the chairlifts that serve the Snowpark; alternatively, stay high and peel off to the skier's right for the Fée 6 shortcut down to the Fée 1 run towards La Fée 2100;  otherwise, the prime route of the Glacier 6 finishes directly ahead, on a good steep pitch overlooking Toura 2600.

To link with the major lift stations at the Toura 2600 sector interchange, and/or to retain sufficient momentum in order to reach the onward Fée 1 & Jandri 3 runs, swing high to the skier's right at the finish and schuss over the top of the tunnel behind the Chalet de la Toura bar/restaurant.
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Glacier 6
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