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Sector:  Vallée Blanche
The sole link piste between the Vallée Blanche sector and the core ski area on the other side of town. Circuitous, but viable and well maintained, with snowmaking equipment all the way along the route.
NB: this route is also known locally as the ‘Liaison Petite Aiguille’.

The link begins just above the Bergerie Kanata bar/restaurant level, next to the arrival point for the cross-resort Cote chairlift, and is easily reached from any of the Vallée Blanche sector's central slopes and upper traverse routes.
The piste is a motorway-wide green-equivalent glide passing the upper end of the Bergerie Kanata building, where it is then joined/crossed by the Vallée Blanche 4 from above skier's left. The main road at the entrance to Les Deux Alpes is [usually] visible down to the skier's right: you're heading towards a pisted footbridge to get to the other side of that road.

The upper section of the route swoops down with enough slope angle to help you carry some momentum into the slower lower section, descending to just above the road level before sweeping out to the skier's left to run parallel with the road towards the bridge. This section is very flat and often very slushy, stay alert for sudden surface changes and expect to have to skate a bit to maintain momentum to reach/cross the pisted footbridge.

After crossing the bridge, swing to the skier's right and follow the gentle pisted track over to the two lift terminals just ahead: the Petite Aiguille chairlift is the link with Les Deux Alpes' core ski area; the adjacent Cote chairlift returns to the Bergerie Kanata area in the Vallée Blanche sector.
You also have the option to continue descending, by turning down sharp to the skier's left to begin the Mont-de-Lans run.
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