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La Patache restaurant area, Les Crêtes 2100


Sector:  Cretes
At 2100 m (6888 ft) altitude, immediately above Les Deux Alpes, this is the first of four busy ski-lift & piste hubs through which the different sectors of the core ski area are linked together.

Although this is very busy intersection, there are actually only two pistes flowing into the area: the Jandri 2, coming from the Lac du Plan area and facilitating the only continuous on-piste route from the summit of the Dome de la Lauze; and the wide Cretes piste, flowing down from the neighbouring sector interchange at Diable 2400.

Clear directional signage and a piste map/information post with a tool point are positioned at the centre of the wide plateau, overlooked by the terraces of the chalet-style La Patache bar/restaurant. Just above & behind that building are the upper terminals of the Village 1800 chairlift and the Ancontres button tow.
The shared Oeufs Blancs gondola & Téléphérique cable car station is at the upper end of the wide and open snowfields, overlooking this entire area.
Looking towards La Patache restaurant from the gondola/cable-car station, the wide beginners' zone is in the roped-off area to the left, with piste traffic flowing past it from the Jandri 2 which emerges from behind-left.

To the extreme right, at the far side of the station, is the upper terminal of the Thuit Cretes chairlift; just to the left of that is the entrance for the Thuit 3 run.

For all other pistes, put your gear on outside the station and glide down past the restaurant building.

The Cretes piste is flowing in from above skier's left, down the line of its namesake chairlift; it shares its lower slope with the shorter parallel Petites Cretes piste, served by a canopied conveyor-belt surface lift. Both these lifts, plus the Demoiselles and the Valentin home-run pistes towards Les Deux Alpes, are reached by following the flow of the slopes down to skier's right. After 300 m (328 yd), you come to a junction point: to the skier's left is the Petites Cretes beginners' lift; to the skier's right is a good link track to the Cretes chairlift; for the Demoiselles and the Valentin pistes, keep straight on down past these lifts, following the clear signs towards the next junction just ahead.
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Cretes 2100
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