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Funicular symbol: 150-passenger capacity per train


3¾ Minutes Journey1700 m (1860 yd) Long
325 m (1066 ft) Rise1500 Passengers/Hour
Sector:  Glacier
One of the world's highest-altitude tube trains, climbing to 3400 m (11,152 ft), just under the summit of the Dome de Puy-Salie; and accessible to piste users and non-skiing pedestrians alike.

As well as serving the glacier ski area, it also provides access to one of the most stunning viewpoints in the Alps, and the wonderful Grotte de Glace (Ice Cave) inside the glacier; for further information about these attractions, please consult the Alternative Activities chapter.

The funicular's base-terminal station is located about 200 m (219 yd) away from, and 100 m (328 ft) below, the main Glacier 3200 sector interchange level.
To reach it, either take the exterior rail-mounted L'ascenseur lift from Les Glaciers bar/restaurant complex, or ski down via the blue-graded link pistes.

Steps lead down to the underground platforms, passing through a small holding area controlled by traffic lights; once you are through to the platforms, you can board the train from either side.

The floors of the carriages slope forward slightly, but level out as the train climbs the inclined track. There are no seats, but plenty of secure handrails.

On Arrival:  at the upper terminal, go up the stairs at the top end of the inclined platform to reach the entrance to the Grotte de Glace and/or the lifts (elevators) to the surface: there are three standard elevator lifts, each holds 27 passengers and take one minute to rise to the surface of the glacier.

There is a tool point & work bench just before the automatic doors at the final exit. Outside, the viewpoint and the principal glacier pistes are just a short stroll/skate away along well-marked pisted tracks: turn to the left on exit for the viewpoint orientation table and the Jandri 5 slope; or, turn to the right and go under the anchor-pylon cables of the twin Puy-Salie T-bar tows for the Puy-Salie 2 & Signal 4 pistes, or to take the short Lauze 1 link track over to the Lauze T-bar tow. This latter T-bar is the final ski tow towards the summit and to the link to La Grave.
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