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Sector:  Glacier
By far the best intermediate-level piste on the glacier, starting at the top of the Puy-Salie T-bar tows;  also served by the Dome Express funicular.

The upper section is quite easy, crossing the traversing route of the Puy Salie 1 link from the Lauze 2 piste before picking up pace down the fall line on the broad and surprisingly steep Glacier de Mantel, giving a good workout in the thin air.

The Echine des Chevres off-piste route is immediately to the skier's right on the far side of the boundary rope.
WARNING: this looks deceptively similar to the Signal 4 piste, but it is an unpatrolled zone littered with crevasses and, therefore, you should enter it only when accompanied by a qualified local high-mountain guide.

The Signal 4 maintains a consistently good slope angle, flowing out on to the upper section of the Signal 1 piste. Traverse straight ahead to join that on the flat track towards the Roche-Mantel chairlift; or, better still, swoop down to the skier's right to make the imperceptible transition on to the wide Signal 1 piste towards the Signal chairlift, based at the lowest piste-accessible point on the glacier below.
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