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Ski lift symbol: 6-seater chairlift (detachable)


7 Minutes Journey1815 m (1986 yd) Long
545 m (1788 ft) Rise2600 Passengers/Hour
Sector:  La Fée
The sole lift serving the often overlooked yet enjoyable La Fée sector, facilitating quick circuits on the rewarding terrain in this quieter area of the domain; its base terminal is easy to reach from all pistes in this sector.

The journey up provides a good opportunity to check out the lines of descent on the Fée 5 and Fée 3 slopes below and to the sides.

On Arrival:  at the upper terminal: there is a picnic spot ahead-right, with a piste map & tool point; U-turn to the right on dismount for the Fée 5 run; or, turn sharp to the left on dismount for the Fée 3 piste;  ahead-left on dismount is the ridge-run Sautet piste linking to the Jandri 3 piste near Toura 2600, with the drop-in point for the steep off-piste Sautet slope by the fence to the skier's right.

If this [Fée] chairlift has closed when you reach it, don't panic! Simply follow the Thuit 1 run which traverses round to the Thuit Cretes & Thuit chairlifts in the Thuit Coomb. If these have also stopped, you can escape by hiking up the winding track cut into the Thuit 3 slope to reach the sector interchange at Cretes 2100.
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Fée Chairlift
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