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Sector:  La Fée
A good red-grade cruise, starting with a fast pitch from the upper terminal level of the 6-seater Fée chairlift.

After a good run in, the piste then flattens into an easy wide motorway, swinging to the skier's left and skirting around the lip of a huge chute, which drops away steeply on the skier's righthand side, housing the ungroomed Fée 7 run.

The lower half of the Fée 3 piste runs down the line of the [Fée] chairlift, with a mild-to-fair red profile and some testing terrain off to the skier's left towards the parallel Fée 5 run. The piste-side La Fée bar/restaurant is easy to reach out to the skier's right, midway down this section of the slope. Alternatively, keep straight down to merge with the end of the Fée 5 run and to join the Fée 2 towards the base terminal of the Fée chairlift.
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Fée 3
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