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Sector:  Vallée Blanche
A wilder, more direct, twin of the Vallée Blanche 4 run, and designated as one of the station's ungroomed routes; often heavily mogulled.

The descent begins off the lip of the Liaison Vallons de Bons traverse track, at its narrowest point almost directly above the Bergerie Kanata bar/restaurant area. The drop-in is quite testing, requiring a leap off the edge of the traverse track to clear the protruding rocks and often sparsely covered first few metres of the uppermost section. Once you are safely past this initial hazard, the surface becomes more predictable and the slope is equivalent to a good red, bordering on mild black. The fun only lasts for about 300–350 m (328–383 yd) though; the longest variation being to veer to the skier's left to merge with the nearby parallel Vallée Blanche 4, otherwise you have to join the blue-grade track which cuts across the slope to traverse out to the skier's right towards the Vallée Blanche slopes.

Because this is an unpisted slope, it's generally at its best following fresh snowfalls; it should be avoided early in the morning, when the crust is usually frozen, and late in the afternoon, when the sun often degrades the snow to a dangerously heavy porridge-like consistency.
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