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Les Glaciers 3200 restaurant & services complex


Sector:  Glacier
This is the summit sector interchange in Les 2 Alpes' ski domain, topping off the series of interconnected services hubs through which the different sectors of the core ski area are linked together.

The main focus of activity here is at the huge Les Glaciers bar/restaurant complex, an aircraft hanger-sized building plonked on a wide ledge at the tongue of the glacier, and just a flat amble/skate away from the nearby upper terminal of the Jandri Express 2 cable car.  As well as this cable car, the lift station building also houses an interior picnic saloon, accessed via a piste-side door on the lower ground floor, under the line of the lift cables.

The building between the cable car station and the restaurant complex is the main high-altitude Piste/Mountain Patrol station, which also houses public WCs plus a tool point with work benches (ask permission first if you need to use the tools).

This central area of the interchange also has a directional signage post & piste map information board.
The 3-seater Roche-Mantel chairlift, serving the lower slopes on the adjacent Glacier de Mantel, arrives at the front of this interchange level; the route flowing gently away below looker's left on the far side of this lift is the Signal 1 piste.

The main glacier slopes also flow down to this edge of the interchange area, parallel to the twin Puy-Salie T-bar tows, which are based in front of Les Glaciers bar/restaurant. The pistes are, from looker's left-to-right: the Puy-Salie 2 and the Jandri 5, with the Soreiller snowfield furthest to the looker's right.

The upper terminal of the 8-seater Glaciers chairlift is at the far side of the Jandri Express cable car station, furthest away from Les Glaciers bar/restaurant; meaning you have to skate/walk to reach the restaurant and/or the Puy-Salie T-bar tows. The piste to the skier's right of the Glaciers chairlift terminal is the Glacier 1 run, which heads towards the Slide Zones.

The wide slope flowing off the interchange area plateau, and veering to the skier's left down the gentle face of the mountain, is a blue-graded link piste towards the base-terminal station of the underground Dome Express funicular, which is burrowed 100 m (328 ft) below the main interchange level.
There is also an inclined-rail cabin lift (L'ascenseur) which connects the funicular station with Les Glaciers bar/restaurant complex.


Safety on the Glacier
There are numerous dangerous crevasses on the glaciers, some only a few metres from the pistes. The Piste Patrol have clearly marked the boundaries of the safest slopes & pathways: you are strongly advised not to stray beyond these, unless accompanied by a qualified local high-mountain guide.

If you take off your skis or snowboard, you become simply an un-roped pedestrian in a serious mountaineering environment; so keep your gear on at all times when moving around on the glacial pistes.

Non-skiing visitors are strictly forbidden to walk on to the glacier pistes.
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Glacier 3200
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