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Ski lift symbol: 8-seater chairlift (detachable)


10¼ Minutes Journey2680 m (2932 yd) Long
600 m (1969 ft) Rise3430 Passengers/Hour
Sectors:  Toura/Glacier
The ‘gear-on’ link option into the glacial zone, meaning you can glide off at the top and not waste a minute of your skiing time.

The base terminal is tucked away on a ledge just behind & below the level of the Pano-Bar & Le Panoramic restaurant, at the Toura 2600 sector interchange.
The get-on point is also relatively easy to reach from the cable cars' stations in this area, via a short pisted access track. There is a tool point at the directional signage post on the final approach, alongside sector-information display boards.

The control gates have a staggered-opening mechanism: the four righthand ones open slightly before the others, so watch the gates and not the person beside you for your cue to advance. The chairs have well-padded seats & lumbar supports, making this otherwise exposed high-altitude trip as comfortable as possible.

On the journey up, you can study the steep & rocky couloirs below looker's left, home to the Clos de Chalance & Couloir Electrique off-piste descents.

Five minutes into the journey, the lift reaches a small mid-station platform: this is generally only used as a terminal when poor weather forces the closure of the upper section of the lift; stay seated with the safety bar down, unless otherwise instructed by the lift attendant. The chairs twist slowly through this mid-station before reconnecting with the haul cable for the second half of the journey.
From this point on, the cluster of steep parallel chutes below and in the terrain ahead looker's left house the Slide Zones, giving you a good vantage point from which to plan lines of descent.

On Arrival:  at the Glacier 3200 sector interchange, dismount straight off for the Signal 1 piste; or, U-turn to the left on dismount to start the Glacier 1 run (towards the Slide Zones) and/or to head to the Dome Express funicular; or, dismount to the right for all other options. For a complete guide to orientation and onward routes & links, please consult our orientation guide to Glacier 3200.
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