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Sector:  La Fée
A worthwhile excursion through a much quieter & wilder sector of the ski domain, beginning at a junction with the Jandri 3 piste at Toura 2600, beyond the tunnel behind the Chalet de la Toura bar/restaurant: go straight on for the Fée 1.

An alternative starting point for more advanced-ability visitors is provided by the short Fée 6 link-piste, only accessible via the Glacier 6 run when descending from the Glacier sector.

The top section of the Fée 1 is an enjoyable cruise, swooping into a wide & peaceful cirque, with some really inviting off-piste terrain off to the skier's right. The piste then funnels over a little bridge across a stream gully (great freeride playground here, see final paragraph below), before continuing as an easy cruise sweeping down to the skier's left towards the shore of a frozen tarn.

The long, absolutely flat, mid-section is a bit of slog, but there is a peaceful picnic spot by the tarn for a timely break. Once past this area the route then picks up pace again:  twisting & turning with a mild red profile down to a good link with the 6-seater Fée chairlift. You can also bypass this lift terminal to seamlessly continue on the Thuit 1 run towards the Thuit Cretes & Thuit chairlifts further round in the Thuit Coomb.
Freeride Gully
All riders of at least good intermediate ability should seek out the lovely little gully at the point where the upper section of the Fée 1 piste funnels across the small stone-built bridge.

Ride/step up over the high ground on the downstream side of this bridge for the best drop-in point into the gully below.

The gully is narrow & bumpy, with high side-walls, boulder drop-offs, and a tricky compression at the exit to rejoin the Fée 1 piste in the flat tarn depression below.

A well-recommended diversion to spice-up this run.
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