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Sectors:  Toura/La Fée/Cretes
A crucial link in the route of the continuous on-piste descent from summit to base, providing the sole route through and out of the Toura 2600 area; often very busy, particularly in the afternoons.

The Jandri 3 officially begins above the tunnel behind the Chalet de la Toura bar/restaurant, spliced on to the end of a spur off the Glacier 6 run; it then spills off the ridge past the nearby cable cars' stations and descends steeply into the Bellecombes area. There is also a less steep variation, accessed from the flat lower plain at Toura 2600 by passing through the pisted tunnel itself towards a wide junction with the Fée 1 piste:  turn to the skier's left there to pick up the easiest route option for the Jandri 3.

Both variations then converge as a wide standard blue straight down towards the Lac du Plan area, with a couple of further variant pisted spurs wider to the skier's left which merge with the Bellecombes 4 and Bellecombes 2 pistes.

All of these routes finish by merging together and funnelling through a chicane of speed-control barriers before flowing gently across the flat Lac du Plan area, to link with the Bellecombes chairlift.  To continue the descent towards Les Deux Alpes, simply bypass this lift terminal to seamlessly flow on to the Jandri 2 ahead.

Another option is to peel off to the skier's right at the point where you enter the Lac du Plan area, to traverse above the tarn via the [mostly quite flat] Fée 2 towards La Fée 2100.
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