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Sectors:  Glacier/Toura
As well as delivering an interesting & enjoyable cruise through the rocky sub-glacial terrain in the narrowest section of the ski area, this long high-end blue run also provides a seamless connection between the uppermost Glacier sector pistes and Toura 2600; a vital link in the route that enables a continuous on-piste descent to be made from the summit of the Dome de la Lauze to the village of Mont-de-Lans (respectively the uppermost and lowest extremes of Les 2 Alpes' ski domain).

The run begins as a continuation of the Jandri 5 piste, at the tongue of the glacier to the skier's left of Les Glaciers bar/restaurant complex, and serves as a good link to the Dome Express Funicular. Past the funicular station, the route then presents two options: ahead skier's-right is a short red-graded variation; the main blue-graded route runs wider to the skier's left. Both routes converge below to continue as an easy cruise.

Next is the more demanding mid-section of the run:  steeper, bumpier, and often with a choppy surface as a result of the high volume of traffic that uses this busy arterial link route each day. This section can be a bit of a challenge for novices, but is wide enough to be manageable. The exciting Slide Zones cover the gnarly terrain above skier's-right here, and their exit points run out to meet the Jandri 4 piste in a series of junctions all the way through this section.

The lower section is a standard blue-grade motorway, spilling out on to the flat floor of the snowbowl at Toura 2600. The best idea is to ride high to either the left or the right as you approach this level:  to the skier's left is the best link to the chairlifts that serve the Snowpark;  to the skier's right, a spur traverses over to join/cross the Glacier 6 piste in order to reach all other major lifts at the Toura 2600 sector interchange, and to make a fair link with the Fée 1 & Jandri 3 pistes; this latter route is the one to take on the full summit-to-base descent.
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