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Ice Cave (Grotte de Glace) | © O.T. des 2 Alpes | Photographer: Juan Carmona


Access for Non-Skiing Visitors
Les Deux Alpes has a wide selection of sports & leisure activities, plus a good range of attractions suitable for non-skiing visitors. It also has an extensive network of ski lifts that are accessible to pedestrians

Non-skiers who wish to travel up to the high-altitude restaurants, viewpoints, and sightseeing attractions can purchase a ‘Pedestrian Pass’ covering up to 13 of the station's ski lifts: including all cable cars & gondolas, the Dome Express funicular, plus some of the chairlifts.
The full area version also includes one visit to the Grotte de Glace (Ice Cave) and the ice rink, plus two visits to the open-air swimming pool. The villages of Venosc & Mont-de-Lans are also accessible by lifts that are covered by pedestrian passes.

A special walkers version of Les 2 Alpes' piste map is available from the local tourist board offices and lift pass kiosks.


White Cruise
A glacier attraction accessible by all visitors, and a great way for non-skiers to discover the amazing glacial landscape on the roof of the Alps.

The cruise is on board an adapted tracked piste-basher vehicle, which trundles along the summit ridge on the Dome de la Lauze at 3568 m (11,703 ft), slightly higher even than the uppermost ski lift!

Available on its own or as a part of an inclusive package including a pedestrian lift pass plus entry to the Grotte de Glace (Ice Cave).


Ice Cave
A wonderful attraction for all visitors, easily accessible at the top of the funicular under the summit of the Dome de Puy-Salie, at an altitude of 3245 m (10,644 ft).

The cave was dug out using hand-tools only, and burrows 30 m (98 ft) down into the ancient ice of the Roche-Mantel glacier. Inside, artists have created tunnels & chambers filled with ephemeral sculptures, backlit to glow eerily in the muted light.
Open daily 10:00–16:00hrs; small entrance charge.
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