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Ski lift symbol: 4-seater chairlift (fixed)


7¼ Minutes Journey849 m (926 yd) Long
241 m (791 ft) Rise1500 Passengers/Hour
Sectors:  Vallée Blanche & Les 2 Alpes 1800
A relatively short link-lift, facilitating the connection from Mont-de-Lans and the Vallée Blanche sector towards the core ski area.

Based next to the cross-resort Cote chairlift, beside a small [free] open-air car park just off the main road at the entrance to Les Deux Alpes (at the Alpe de Mont-de-Lans quarter). There is also a lift-pass sales kiosk and a comprehensive ski-area information display-board here too, making this a good starting point if you've arrived by car for a day trip.

Accessible on-piste via the Petite Aiguille 1 link-route which winds through the residential area of the Alpe de Mont-de-Lans quarter, from the Champame slope at the northern end of the main base-area slopes; as well as via the Petite Aiguille 2 and Cote pistes, the latter being the sole link piste from the Vallée Blanche sector.

The journey up passes over the top of upper terminal of the Mont-de-Lans chairlift and arrives at the top of the Petite Aiguille 2 piste, right next to a bend on the flat Demoiselles route.

On Arrival:  U-turn down to the skier's right on dismount, back down the line of the lift, for the Petite Aiguille 2 piste; or, simply dismount to the right and join the Demoiselles to traverse towards town.
Onward Links
The Demoiselles route traverses towards the main base-area slopes, passing above the Club Med complex in the uppermost Les 2 Alpes 1800 quarter. The track is very flat, but has just enough gradient to provide a gentle glide.

At the point where it passes under the line of the overhead [Village 1800] chairlift you have the choice of continuing straight on towards the main base-area slopes, to link with the major ski lifts clustered close to the town centre, or you can turn off down to the skier's right to link with the Village 1800 chairlift and/or to reach the nearby Grande Place commercial area at Les 2 Alpes 1800.
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