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Sector:  Vallée Blanche
From the Pied Moutet ridge, beside the Troika bar/restaurant at the top of the Pied Moutet & Super Venosc chairlifts, traverse across the upper slopes to run under the line of the 2-seater Pied Moutet chairlift. There is a short steepish pitch just after the start, for 20–30 m (22–33 yd) or so, just before the route officially begins by dropping off down to the skier's right.

The upper section is motorway wide and maintains a steady gradient throughout its straight fall-line descent, parallel to the chairlift, delivering a fast cruise and an opportunity to practise rapid short turns.

The Pied Moutet chairlift is an easy link below to the skier's right. Alternatively, bypass this lift to continue the descent towards Les Deux Alpes town and to reach the other chairlifts serving this sector: swinging to the skier's left will take you on the long & gentle Vallée Blanche 3 traverse to the Vallée Blanche chairlift at the Mont-de-Lans end of the town; turning to the skier's right continues on as the Super Venosc piste, sweeping across the hillside on a fast swath through the fir plantation, for a good link with the Super Venosc chairlift based at the Venosc end of town.
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