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Sector:  Glacier
These twin runway-wide pistes are the principal slopes in the glacier ski area.

They run parallel down either side of the twin Puy Salie T-bar tows, directly towards the Glacier 3200 sector interchange level. The Puy-Salie 2 piste runs on the skier's right of the T-bars, and links with the Signal 1 piste on to the lower reaches of the Glacier de Mantel;  the Jandri 5 piste runs on the skier's left of the T-bars, and can be reached from the Puy-Salie 2 via a pisted gap across the lines of the Puy-Salie T-bars, midway down the slopes.

The Jandri 5 is then seamlessly linked with the main Jandri 4 route, which allows you to ski out wide to the skier's left of Les Glaciers bar/restaurant terrace for the onward descent towards the lower sectors.

The Soreiller snowfield covers the area of the glacier out to the skier's left of the Jandri 5 piste. These extensive slopes house Les 2 Alpes' summer snowpark; the additional ski lifts dotted around this area, and on the peak of Le Jandri ahead skier's left, are only operational in the summer months and are therefore omitted from the station's main winter piste map.
The skier's lefthand side of the Jandri 5 is sometimes used as a beginners' zone, and is referred to locally as the Soreiller slope.
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