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Sector:  Glacier
A bit more involved than the bland Puy-Salie slopes, and actually now merged into the Signal 1 blue piste; giving novices a frisson of excitement as they begin to venture further away from this sector's central services hub.

It begins at the Glacier 3200 sector interchange level, beside the upper terminal of the Roche-Mantel chairlift, and arcs down on the wide and gently undulating slopes of the Glacier de Mantel.  Midway down, signs direct you off to the skier's left on to a contour-line track, passing under the line of the Signal chairlift, towards the base terminal of the Roche-Mantel chairlift.

Another option is to continue straight on down, flowing seamlessly on to the slightly steeper lower section of the Signal 1, to link with the Signal chairlift.
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