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Sectors:  La Fée/Cretes
A long gentle trail around the much wilder & quieter margins of the ski domain, via La Fée 2100.

It is accessed from the lower section of the Jandri 3 piste, and/or any of the routes that merge with the Jandri 3, by peeling off to the skier's right as you enter the Lac du Plan area.

The local piste map gives the impression that the upper half of this route descends quite steeply, but it actually traverses very gently along a contour-line track; this therefore presents you with a long flat skate, until you round the front of the crag and sweep out above La Fée 2100. This next section is much better: allowing you to traverse across to the piste-side La Fée bar/restaurant furthest over to the skier's right; or, to drop down to the skier's left on to the fall line alongside the final sections of the Fée 5 and the Fée 3, on an often bumpy mild-red profile slope which funnels down to an easy link with the Fée chairlift.

Below this point, the route bypasses the chairlift terminal and becomes the Thuit 1 and is joined from the skier's right by traffic from the Fée 1 run. It then passes through some lovely peaceful scenery for a gentle glide all the way round to the base terminals of the Thuit Cretes & Thuit chairlifts in the Thuit Coomb.
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