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Access ramp for Jandri Express 1 cable car base terminal


Principal Links
You can walk on to the main base-area slopes from numerous points along the edge of the town, but the principal ski lifts providing uplift to the core ski area are based at the place des 2 Alpes and the rue des Vikings.

The prime link to the core ski area is the Jandri Express 1 cable car, housed in a huge base station at the bottom of the central base-area slopes, just behind the main tourist office at place des 2 Alpes. This multi-cabin gondola-style cable car connects directly with the Toura 2600 sector interchange, and links with its upper twin, the Jandri Express 2 cable car, for onward access to the glacier sector.

Next to the Jandri Express 1 cable car is an equally large base station for the Oeufs Blancs gondola, which rises to Cretes 2100 sector interchange and connects with the Téléphérique cable car for the onward journey to Toura 2600.

Both base stations, and the surrounding services & amenities, are easy to reach from the main base-area slopes, centred on the Lutins piste which is served by a button tow of the same name.

A number of traverse tracks cut diagonally across the top & middle of almost all of the main base-area slopes, in both directions, with just enough slope angle to allow a gentle on-piste glide from one end of the resort to the other; meaning you can take any of this area's short ski-tows to gain height and then make a cross-hill link to most of the other lifts. All of these link routes are accurately graded green or blue, so the entire area is therefore accessible to visitors of all abilities.
Alpe de Mont-de-Lans Quarter
Those staying in the northern end of the resort also have the option of taking the Belle Etoile chairlift, reachable from the roadside at the route de Champame and from the top of the rue du Grand Plan, to link with the sector interchange area at Cretes 2100. This is a 2-way lift, so novices & early intermediates can also use it to return to base again, otherwise they have the option to descend on-piste via the long & flat Demoiselles route; more advanced-ability visitors can use the home-run Valentin piste.
Alpe de Venosc Quarter
The southern quarter of town has another major lift, the Diable chairlift, rising to the sector interchange at Diable 2400. This chairlift's base terminal is located just off the rue des Vikings, some distance away from the main base-area slopes, but is easy to reach for those already on the slopes.
Les 2 Alpes 1800
This purpose-built satellite accommodation zone (also known as ‘Le Village’) is perched 150 m (492 ft) above the Alpe de Mont-de-Lans quarter. It has its own compact base area focused around the buzzing Grande Place commercial plaza, at the uppermost and most northerly margins of Les Deux Alpes town.

The Grande Place houses a fair number of lively bars & restaurants, a decent-sized supermarket for picnic provisions, plus a tourist office branch and lift pass kiosk. The Village 1800 chairlift is the sole ski lift rising from this area, connecting with the key Cretes 2100 sector interchange for all onward links into the core ski area. The Grande Place is reachable on-piste via the Demoiselles and/or the Valentin; the former also continues past this level to complete the traverse towards the main base-area slopes, as well as giving access to the Petite Aiguille 1 link-track through the residential area of the Alpe de Mont-de-Lans quarter towards the cross-town Cote chairlift which links with the Vallée Blanche sector.
Queue Jump to Cretes 2100
The Jandri Express, Oeufs Blancs and Diable ski lifts are all usually very busy first thing every morning. A good queue jump is to take the Belle Etoile chairlift, then the linked Ancontres button tow, in order to reach Cretes 2100 sector interchange.


The steep upper flanks of the mountain directly above the main base-area slopes are furrowed with wooded gullies: the only home runs tracing down them being fairly testing black runs, half of them ungroomed; novices & early intermediates either have to return to resort using the main lifts or descend on-piste using the long, flat, and often patchy Demoiselles track.


Western Sector
The Vallée Blanche sector rises steeply above the western side of Les Deux Alpes, with just two ski lifts directly accessible from street level in the resort:
the Vallée Blanche chairlift, at the foot of the slopes near the roundabout at the place de l'Alpe de Mont-de-Lans; and the Super Venosc chairlift, just above the rue du Rouchas in the Alpe de Venosc quarter and reached via a long flight of steps from the arterial avenue de la Muzelle.

Home-run pistes flow down to the base of both these lifts, but there is no real base-area focus/ambiance to speak of and this whole sector is much quieter than the slopes on the opposite side of the resort.


North:  Mont-de-Lans
The old 2-seater Mont-de-Lans chairlift rises from the roadside at the upper end of the village of Mont-de-Lans, travelling above a home-run red piste of the same name to arrive within easy on-piste reach of the Petite Aiguille and Cote chairlifts: the former of these connects with the Demoiselles route for all onward options as described for Les 2 Alpes 1800; the latter links directly to the Vallée Blanche sector.

The Petite Aiguille and Cote chairlifts can also be reached on-piste from the Vallée Blanche sector, via the snow-cannon protected Cote piste which runs across a pisted footbridge over the D213 road at the entrance to Les Deux Alpes; there is also a small [free] open-air car park close to these lifts, plus a lift-pass sales kiosk, a tool point, and a comprehensive ski-area information display-board at the lift terminals, making this a good starting point if you arrive by car for a day trip.
South:  Venosc
The Venosc gondola* rises from the roadside in the Vénéon valley, near to the village of Venosc, to its upper station at the bottom end of the rue Sainte Luce in the Alpe de Venosc quarter of Les Deux Alpes; from there you will need to walk for about 350 m (383 yd) to reach the nearest main ski lift, which is the Diable chairlift.

* The Venosc gondola operates 07:45–19:00hrs daily; journey time 7½ minutes.
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