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Sector:  Glacier
Similar in character to the Jandri 4 run, but running at a higher altitude and providing access to the exciting Slide Zones.

The route begins next to the upper terminal of the Glaciers chairlift, at the Glacier 3200 sector interchange. There is then a series of junctions off to the skier's left: the first is a link to the Dome Express funicular, followed in turn by the entrances to each of the upper two Slide Zones, plus various straightforward link routes down to join the Jandri 4.

The Glacier 1 itself continues its run high along the ridge.
The next two junctions, with turn-offs to the skier's right, are both entrances to the Glacier 6 run;  the Glacier 1 finishes just past these, by swinging down to the skier's left to merge with the Jandri 4 for the onward descent towards Toura 2600.
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