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Ski lift symbol: 4-seater chairlift (detachable)


5 Minutes Journey1275 m (1395 yd) Long
350 m (1148 ft) Rise2000 Passengers/Hour
Sector:  Glacier
Based at the lowest piste-accessible point on the Glacier de Mantel, at the bottom of the Signal 1 piste.

On Arrival:  the upper terminal is sited on top of a crag a couple of hundred metres away from the Glacier 3200 sector interchange: dismount ahead-left for a blue-graded link towards the Dome Express funicular & L'ascenseur lift; this route also links with the Glacier 1 and the Jandri 4 pistes, for the descent towards the Toura sector. Alternatively, veer ahead-right on dismount for the short Glacier 3 link to the Glacier 1 and its offshoot Mura run.

U-turning to the left on dismount drops on to the short steep Signal 3 run under the line of the chairlift, down towards the base of the Roche-Mantel chairlift.
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