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Snowpark area, Toura 2600 sector, Les 2 Alpes


On the Slopes
Les 2 Alpes' ski area is mostly characterised by its long well-groomed cruising pistes high above the tree line, flowing along a backbone of barren glacial ridges.

Despite the narrow configuration of its main [upper] ski area, the domain as a whole houses a respectably wide range of terrain: all the way from valley-hugging sheltered birch woods to high-altitude glacier-clad summits, and ranging from easily accessible beginners' slopes to seriously exposed off-piste itineraries.
Vallée Blanche Sector
This is a completely distinct sector on the western side of Les Deux Alpes, spread over a single compact hillside, with just one circuitous on-piste link to the core ski area on the opposite side of town.

This was the first sector to be developed, yet it now feels remote from the core ski area; a positive attraction when you want to escape the crowds.
The entire sector can be skied-out in less than a day, but it does have the advantage of being much quieter than the other sectors and the whole hillside can be ridden to deliver a fair variety of terrain. The enjoyable short excursion on the attractive wooded slopes down to Mont-de-Lans also has the novelty factor of reaching the lowest skiable point in the domain.
Cretes/Diable Sectors
Two well-interlinked neighbouring sectors, draped over the ridges (the ‘crêtes’) that run along the eastern skyline immediately above Les Deux Alpes.

The Majority of the station's secured black runs are in these sectors, half of which are left ungroomed to increase the difficulty level, particularly the tricky home runs on the furrowed face of the mountainside sweeping down to resort. There is also a handful of short but worthwhile reds; a couple of good blues; and a number of long green-graded traverse tracks which, as well as facilitating inter-sector links, provide adventurous beginners with interesting excursions.
Toura/La Fée Sectors
Two contrasting sectors at the centre of Les 2 Alpes' ski domain, offering two very different atmospheres & experiences:
Toura 2600 is the geographical & social heart of the ski area, with a buzzing atmosphere for most of the day, focused around the station's excellent Snowpark;
La Fée 2100 is out at the less developed northern margin of the ski area, and is therefore more peaceful, and filled with secret stashes of freeride joy.

The two sectors are intertwined, and provide a welcome contrast to the much narrower & linear form of the rest of the upper ski area.
Glacier Sector
Les 2 Alpes' signature ski sector, dominated by the twin pericline summits of the Dome de la Lauze and Dome de Puy Salie, the highest lift-accessible mountaintops in the Isere departement.

Unusually for such an extreme environment, this sector is easily accessible by all visitors, including beginners & non-skiers.  All skiers/snowboarders of at least confident novice ability should aim to tackle the full on-piste summit-to-base descent, at least once: from the top of the Lauze T-bar tow, down to the village of Mont-de-Lans; a non-stop on-piste descent of 2220 m (7282 ft).
Intermediate & advanced standard riders should also head for the exciting and innovative ‘Slide Zones’ in-bounds freeride features, located in the zone just below the Glacier 3200 sector interchange.

The summits area of this sector is also linked with the almost legendary off-piste Vallons de la Meije ski & mountaineering domain at La Grave/La Meije, a truly awesome experience for visitors of more advanced abilities.
Les 2 Alpes piste map


Les 2 Alpes
One of Europe's clearest piste maps: every ski lift is numbered and there are masses of piste markers and information displays scattered throughout the domain.


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Statistics given are for the
entire Les 2 Alpes domain
(excluding La Grave):

Rideable Area
430 hectares of pistes
(1063 acres)

Vertical Drop
2268 m (7441 ft)

Ski Lifts
1 funicular
3 cable cars
2 gondolas
22 chairlifts
(7 fast, detachable)
19 button/T-bar tows
1 canopied conveyor-belt
1 rail lift (elevator)

21 Green
47 blue
19 red
13 black
1 snowpark + 4 freestyle zones
3 children's zones
Nordic 20 km (12¾ miles)

214 cannons
covering 47 hectares (116 acres)

Mountain Restaurants
9 sites
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