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Ski lift symbol: 4-seater chairlift (fixed)


8 Minutes Journey1110 m (1214 yd) Long
390 m (1280 ft) Rise2200 Passengers/Hour
Sector:  Le Diable
A noteworthy lift for advanced-ability riders, who will appreciate the access it provides to the classic Vallons du Diable & Rachas off-piste routes; as well as for competent novices, who can share in the buzz of this high & wild terrain yet bypass the steepest sections of the served Super Diable slope, and/or reach the sector interchange hub at Toura 2600 via a blue-graded link route.

The lift departs from Diable 2400, and is based just below the terrace level of the Diable au Coeur bar/restaurant.

The journey up takes you straight up the line of the steep and reliably snow-sure Super Diable slope, giving you a perfect opportunity to check out the lie of the land if you're planning to tackle that route.

On Arrival:  at the top, dismount straight ahead via the steepish off-ramp and U-turn to the right on to the reasonably wide flat crest at the start of the pistes; this area is just below the summit of the Tête Moute, the most important peak in this sector of the domain.

The Super Diable piste starts directly down the fall-line; the blue-graded variation and the link route towards Toura 2600 are also reached down this shared start a little and then off to the skier's right on the contour-line, swinging across under the line of the lift.
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Super Diable Chairlift
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