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Sector:  Le Diable
The principal Super Diable piste has a straightforward route: straight down!
It is a fast motorway-wide blast, with a high-end blue/red profile + a black-graded lower section; plus a recently remodelled & reclassified mid-section combined with a spur off to the skier's left which adds a blue-graded option to the route.

The entire route is usually well pisted, and the high sub-glacial altitude ensures that snow conditions are reliably good.

At the finish, exercise caution as you flow out on to the lower level of the busy sector interchange hub at Diable 2400. Veering to the skier's left to link with the Vallons 2 piste towards the Vallons chairlift is the best way to reach the main interchange level and onward links; otherwise, the Super Diable chairlift is an easy link just ahead-right.

Before being tamed as a pisted route, the Super Diable was one of the most hyped off-piste descents in Europe; it continues to draw enthusiasts, especially for the access it provides to the nearby classic Vallons du Diable off-piste route.
To discover that, and many more exciting off-piste itineraries, always employ a qualified local mountain guide.

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Super Diable
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