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Sectors:  Diable/Cretes
A good mid-level red run on the open & undulating north-western flanks of the Tete du Diable, delivering a short but fast on-piste workout plus a myriad of good inter-piste possibilities, making this a great skill-honing area for intermediates.

Served by the fast 6-seater Bellecombes chairlift, this often overlooked area can be ridden in non-stop circuits, away from the crowds that gravitate to the glitzier, yet still conveniently close, Toura 2600 sector interchange & services hub.

The entrance to the run is wide & easy, but the slope soon steepens to a fair red profile as it drops down into the open snowbowl, where a fork in the piste splits it into twin fall-line routes. A bank of higher ground to the skier's left separates this slope from the parallel Bellecombes 2 piste, and provides some lovely freeriding terrain on powder days, further adding to the mix of possible lines of descent.

The Bellecombes 4 officially ends at the point where the Bellecombes 3 swoops in to join it from above skier's right: you can either sweep out to the skier's left to join that, along with traffic from the Bellecombes 2, or continue descending on the ungroomed fall line for a more testing shortcut to join the prime Jandri 3 piste ahead below.

All of these routes finish by merging with the Jandri 3, which then funnels through a chicane of speed-control netting before flowing out on to a very gentle straight, heading directly across the flat Lac du Plan tarn depression to link with the Bellecombes chairlift.

Other onward options from this area include swinging to the skier's right just above the Lac du Plan, to take the Fée 2 track towards La Fée 2100; or, simply continuing straight on past the Bellecombes chairlift base terminal to pick up the Jandri 2 track into the Thuit Coomb and towards Cretes 2100.
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