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Sectors:  Diable/Cretes
One of the best high-end blues in the entire Les 2 Alpes domain, slicing directly down the middle of the Thuit Coomb (a massive glacially formed chute contained by an impressive cirque of craggy ridges).

The easiest start point is in the middle of the coomb, pouring off the wide mid-point curve of the traversing Jandri 2;  more experienced visitors can drop-in earlier using the Thuit 4 run off that same track. The run can also be extended if you start off from Diable 2400 instead: see ‘Upper Variation’ description below for details.

The principal [lower] section, off the Jandri 2, is motorway wide and has a mild red profile to start, especially after the surface gets chopped up, developing into a fast cruise straight down the line of the Thuit chairlift to schuss out for a good link with that lift and the neighbouring Thuit Cretes chairlift. Keep to the skier's lefthand side of the piste at the bottom in order to maintain momentum for the flat run-out to the lifts' terminals.
Upper Variation
This red-profile upper section extends the fun by providing a more testing higher-altitude start, splicing almost seamlessly with the main piste as described above.

To reach this higher part of the coomb, you start off from Diable 2400 on the [flat] Bellecombes 1:  not far from the upper terminal of the Thuit chairlift, the entrance to this slope then peels off down to the skier's left.

The run flows off the shoulder of the ridge to develop a really good fall-line descent down into the coomb, where it meets/crosses the Jandri 2 piste, which is traversing from [skier's] right-to-left;  you can finish there and join the Jandri 2 towards Cretes 2100, but the major attraction is simply to keep on going, down on to the wider main section of the Thuit piste below, to continue the almost uninterrupted descent to the bottom of the coomb.
CAUTION: take care when crossing the busy traverse track of the Jandri 2.
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