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Sector:  Vallée Blanche
These two good blues begin together beside the piste map & information post just below the upper terminal of the Vallée Blanche chairlift.
They are also accessible from the other two chairlifts arriving on this ridge, via the uppermost cross-mountain traverse route (signed as ‘Liaison Vallée Blanche’).

The Vallée Blanche 1 is this sector's principal piste, and is protected with snowmaking equipment from top to bottom; the Vallée Blanche 2 (aka Cimes) is simply an easier variation.
Their shared start area is wide and straightforward, but has a respectably steep slope angle; furthest out to the skier's left, under the line of the chairlift, the route is actually graded red.

About 75 m (82 yd) from the top, the Vallée Blanche 2 peels off in a wide cruising arc to the skier's right. The prime Vallée Blanche 1 piste veers to the skier's left, parallel to the chairlift, and goes directly down the fall line in a wide shallow chute, delivering this sector's highest-end blue run.

All of the inter-piste terrain is open and inviting, offering the opportunity to play off wind-lips and natural kickers on the ungroomed margins, making it one of this area's prime playgrounds on powder days.

Both pistes eventually swing to the skier's left and converge as a motorway-wide gentle schuss towards the Bergerie Kanata bar/restaurant and the upper terminal of the cross-town 2-way Cote chairlift. Keep highest to the skier's left above the restaurant level and maintain momentum to splice with the Cote piste, which provides the only on-piste link to the core ski area on the other side of town; or, continue descending to the skier's right of the restaurant on the steeper lower section of the Vallée Blanche 1 piste, which takes you to the roadside base of the Vallée Blanche chairlift.

The lightly wooded slopes off to the skier's right of this lower section can add a freeride flourish to the finish, otherwise the broad piste cruises down for a good link to the base of the chairlift and the roadside. Check your speed approaching this busy confluence area.
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Vallée Blanche 1 & 2
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