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Sector:  Vallée Blanche
The uppermost cross-mountain traverse, running just below the ridge all the way from the upper terminal area of the Vallée Blanche chairlift, is signposted as the ‘Liaison Vallons de Bons’; and is in effect the upper part of this route.
This flat upper track is no wider than a single piste-basher rake, and runs straight along the top of the mountain, with good views over Les Deux Alpes town below to the skier's right.

The route crosses a narrow junction at the entrance to the Vallée Blanche 5 slope, where an access track from the decommissioned Bons chairlift joins from the ridge above skier's left. Carefully pass this point and continue straight out on to the ridge-plateau ahead, past the entrance to the Vallée Blanche 4 piste which drops off to the skier's right, and traverse along the flat ridge past the picnic spot at the viewpoint ahead-left (see ‘Picnic Panorama’ description below).

The open slope on the far side (skier's left) of the ridge used to be the prime section of the Vallons de Bons piste, but, following the decommissioning of the old 2-seater Bons chairlift, is now merely a [short] off-piste excursion. Likewise, ahead on the shoulder of the hill, the steeper slope dropping straight off the ridge track is another short off-piste variation; which used to form the start of an enjoyable red-graded run down to Bons.

Here at the end of the ridge, the track hairpins down to the skier's right to traverse all the way across the face of the hillside overlooking Les Deux Alpes. This final traverse track has sweeping views over the entire resort, and it links to the central Vallée Blanche slopes and the Bergerie Kanata bar/restaurant area.
Picnic Panorama
The views from this end of the Pied Moutet ridge are far-reaching. A picnic area has been set out on the ridge plateau and, on a clear day, this is a great spot to make the most of this superb viewpoint.

The piste- & lift-linked village of Mont-de-Lans is nearest below, just below the northern end of Les Deux Alpes. Beyond that is the Lac du Chambon reservoir, and the impressive triple-peaked summits of the Aiguilles d'Arves peeking over the north-eastern skyline.

The deep valley to the western side of the ridge (to the skier's left of the Vallons de Bons piste) is the Gorges de l'Infernet (Gorges of Hell), housing the torrent course of the Romanche River and the main [N91] access road up to Mont-de-Lans and Les Deux Alpes.

The two villages clinging to the mountainside directly opposite [above the Gorges] are Auris-en-Oisans and its namesake satellite ski-station, part of the Grandes Rousses ski domain linked with Alpe d'Huez; the cable car terminal for Alpe d'Huez's Sarenne glacier ski area is usually visible on the horizon above-right of these, on the summit of Pic Blanc.

The town in the distance on the floor of the Romanche Valley is the district capital, le Bourg-d'Oisans.
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Vallons de Bons
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