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Sector:  Cretes
A fairly worthwhile red, dropping into the wilder & quieter end of the Thuit Coomb, from the contrastingly developed & busy Cretes 2100 sector interchange area.

The run starts to the skier's left of the upper terminal of the Thuit Cretes chairlift, just a short glide from the Oeufs Blancs gondola + Téléphérique cable car terminal. The entire upper area of the piste is wide & gentle, picking up pace as the slope flows off the ridge, with the Thuit Cretes chairlift parallel to the skier's right.

This exposed face of the ridge often has sparse snow cover, because the wind frequently howls up the coomb and sheers off any that isn't well packed/pisted.

The skier's righthand side of the piste usually has the best snow cover, and the steepest slope angle; when moguls develop, this side of the piste can also take on a mild black profile. On the skier's lefthand side of the piste there is a little gully to play in, and a blue-equivalent escape track which S-bends down the slope to take the sting out of the gradient.

The main piste really only lasts for about 250 m (274 yd), before joining the escape track to traverse across the slope, from skier's left-to-right, to reach the lower section of the Thuit 2 piste. It is possible to cross the track and continue on down the fall line, over very testing rocky ground, but do make sure you don't go too low, because it is a real scramble to get out of the gully below.

Stay high to the skier's right and join the Thuit 2 piste, turning down to the skier's left with that for the final easy schuss to link with the Thuit Cretes & Thuit chairlifts, sited side-by-side just below. The pisted track entering that same area from the opposite direction is the Thuit 1 coming from La Fée 2100. There is a piste map/information post by the lifts, along with a tool point.
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