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Group of snowboarders at Les Portelles, Arcalís
Sector:  La Coma
A long sweeping red with blue characteristics, starting from Les Portelles link area at 2552 m (8372 ft), and providing the access route to the FreeRide Area.
La Balma can also be easily combined with La Canaleta to create a continuous 3 km (2 mile) leg-burner all the way to Arcalís base station.

Traffic heading to La Portella d'Arcalís also shares the wide top section for around 150 m (164 yd), before spilling off the col to the skier's right; La Balma swoops ahead-left and cruises towards the get-on point for Els Feixans button tow, which serves the FreeRide Area. Freeride fun can also be had in the open powder fields and boulder hucks off most of the skier's left-hand side of La Balma too; there is also a blue-graded link piste (called La Bassa) towards La Coma chairlift, off to the skier's left just before you reach the FreeRide Area draglift.

La Balma ends by cruising down to meet La Basera and La Canaleta, both of which make home runs to Arcalís base station.
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La Balma
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