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Chairlift symbol: detachable 4-seater


7½ Minutes Journey
612 m (2008 ft) Rise
Sector:  Arcalís Cirque  »  Link:  La Coma Sector
The principal access lift, linking directly with the upper La Coma sector and giving access to the challenging black and reds that flow over the rocky cols back into the main Arcalís Cirque.

From the get-on point at the lower base station, the journey up has good views over the entire lower sector and the serious La Portella d'Arcalís run high to the looker's right. Approaching the top, the lift passes through a cutting in the ridge into the upper La Coma snowbowl.

On Arrival:  dismount to the right for all routes: U-turn down to the skier's right for the steep La Portella d'Mig;  or, stay high and go around the back of the little Les Portelles snack bar to start the wide and gentle La Balma, which also gives access to La Portella d'Arcalís and the patrolled freeride zone;  alternatively, simply traverse away from the lift and stay highest along the flat contour-line track ahead, passing above the nearby La Coma chairlift arrival point, to access the start of El Túnel, Els Terragalls and the ECOA.
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La Basera Chairlift
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