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Sector:  La Coma  »  Link:  Arcalís Cirque
La Basera will be encountered by all visitors at least once: either simply as the easiest home-run back to Arcalís base station; when trekking round to see the big ‘O’ sculpture; or, when crossing from/to the in-bounds FreeRide Area.

As well as piste markers, don't be surprised if you also pass road signs; the piste actually covers the uppermost stretch of the valley road, and this was the final climb of the Barcelona to Arcalís stage of the 2009 Tour de France.

The route begins by flowing out of the lower (north-eastern) corner of the Coma snowbowl, passing a junction for the fast La Canaleta which drops off steeply to the skier's left to schuss towards the base station (via a short tunnel at the finish).
L’Anella d’Ordino sculpture on La Basera green piste
The Ring of Ordino (L'Anella d'Ordino)
Otherwise, continue straight on, following the flat
La Basera, and you can't miss the sculpture ahead-left: a work by Mauro Staccioli, this massive steel circle creates the illusion that it's just about to roll off down the mountainside to slice through the base station below; a whimsical and impressive sight.

Advanced riders can leap off into the lower section of the FreeRide Area, down the steep slopes immediately below the sculpture, to exit via La Canaleta.
CAUTION: don't go too far off-piste to the skier's right beyond the sculpture, because precipitous cliffs drop away to the base station far below.

The easy La Basera piste itself glides safely past the sculpture, but with vertigo-inducing piste-side cliffs adding an exciting dimension to this otherwise very pedestrian-paced route, continuing its gentle home-run following the S-bends of the road towards the upper lodge level at Arcalís base station, passing the get-on point for the inter-sector Les Portelles chairlift on the way.
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La Basera
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