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Sector:  Arcalís Cirque
Wow! One of the jewels in Arcalís' crown. Less than 800 m (875 yd) long, but with a vertical drop of 340 m (that's over 1100 ft) and up to 55-degree slope angle, this little gem just has to be tackled by all advanced ability visitors.

Begun from the wide hairpin bend on Les Tarteres, the entrance is a challenge in its own right: you often have to drop in over a 2 m (6½ ft) lip into the gully below to start, and once in you are pretty much committed. Turning with the fall-line down to the skier's left you are immediately on a true black, funnelling into a steep couloir that forces short turns; often with moguls adding to the challenge.

Take care to the skier's right, as there are protruding rocks; keeping to the skier's left will give you the steepest line anyway, if you're up for it!

The adrenaline buzz ends in a wide run-out to join Les Canals below, giving you time to catch your breath and make easy links to all lifts below.
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La Canal Gran
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