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Chairlift symbol: fixed 4-seater


7 Minutes Journey
420 m (1378 ft) Rise
CAUTION  Not for Novices
Sector:  La Coma
Arcalís' most north-westerly lift, leaving from just below La Coma restaurant and rising up almost to the French border. Although the lift is a fixed chair, it runs at a fair speed and has a conveyor platform to ease getting on.

The journey up the rocky face of the ridge separating Andorra and France affords bird's-eye views over the seriously steep terrain below, giving you an opportunity to daydream about the wildest lines down the couloirs; the sole piste descending from this area is the narrow L'Estany. At the mid-point of the journey up, you pass over the route of this piste as the lift-line flattens out over a small tarn (Estany is Catalan for ‘lake’), before rising steeply again.

On Arrival:  as you approach the top, quickly raise the safety bar and then make a swift dismount to the right on arrival because this area is very narrow.
After U-turning to the right, you are on the start of L'Estany
Vistas & Off-Piste Access
The main function of this lift, however, is to bring thrill-seekers to the almost limitless off-piste available in this wild border zone.
It is worth stopping to take in the superb panorama too.

There is a track leading up the last 50 m (164 ft) or so to the col, where you get a truly breathtaking view over the high Pyrenean wilderness beyond: the highest summit in Catalunya (Pic d'Estats 3145 m / 10,318 ft) looms straight ahead on the horizon, although the deep valley directly below the col is actually in France; the vistas behind you over Arcalís take in much of Andorra on a clear day, making this a truly international viewpoint.

The high Tristaina Valley to the skier's left of L'Estany is an enjoyable and popular off-piste excursion from this point (CAUTION: always employ a qualified local mountain guide before venturing off-piste).
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