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Sector:  La Coma
Arcalís' only south-facing piste, yet high enough to have reliable snow cover and providing the sole on-piste route from the highest lift-accessible point in the domain, Cota 2625 m (8612 ft); reached using the Creussans chairlift.

The start section is fairly wide and straightforward, with a couple of purposefully positioned gaps in the piste-boundary fences to give advanced riders access to the extreme off-piste couloirs beyond (CAUTION: always employ a qualified local mountain guide before venturing off-piste).

L'Estany then funnels onto the route of a narrow, twisting, mountain track: with tight turns, some short steeper sections and a couple of flat schusses; overall delivering a decent red-grade profile.

The run finishes by swooping out to join Els Orris, for an easy glide to the terrace at La Coma Restaurant and/or the nearby Creussans and La Coma chairlifts.
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