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Sector:  La Coma  »  Link:  Arcalís Cirque
Arcalís offers an unique attraction for those wishing to progress to back-country riding: a specially designated in-bounds off-piste zone, which contains a handful of tried and tested, snow-patrol protected routes through unpisted, unmarked terrain (unsuitable for novices).

The short Els Feixans button tow, accessed via La Balma, specifically serves the area. On arrival at the top of this lift, simply ride straight off and choose your own line through the lightly-wooded rocky terrain ahead. Keep your wits about you to pick a safe route down the steadily steepening slopes, although there is nothing too extreme in here and the area is graded as a red equivalent.

You will eventually drop out onto the flat La Basera piste, heading towards Arcalís base station;  for a greater challenge, aim for the big ‘O’ sculpture and continue freeriding down the steep [often mogulled] slopes immediately below that, eventually joining the lower La Canaleta to reach the base station.
CAUTION: don't go too far off-piste to the skier's right beyond the sculpture, because precipitous cliffs drop away to the base station far below.
Freeride skier | © Valls del Nord SA
Off-Piste Rules Apply
The FreeRide Area is patrolled,
but do treat it with the same respect that all off-piste riding deserves:
never ride off-piste alone
and never blindly follow someone else's tracks,
they may head off a cliff!
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