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Ski lift symbol: Button Tow


5 Minutes Journey
340 m (1115 ft) Rise
CAUTION  Not for Novices
Sector:  Arcalís Cirque
A steep button tow, suitable for experienced riders only, departing furthest out to the looker's left from the lower base station level.

On Arrival:  at the top, dismount to the right to traverse over to the wide confluence area under the line of the nearby chairlift. The pistes flowing through this area are in effect all the motorway-wide L'Hortell piste, which has three variant routes from this point: the main L'Hortell piste, plus the neighbouring El Bosc and L'Avetar (ride to the skier's left of the chairlift-line for all of them).
L'Estadi d'Eslalom competition piste also begins at this point, dropping off to the skier's right of the lift pylon by the timer's hut.
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L'Hortell Button Tow
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