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Sector:  Arcalís Cirque (accessed from La Coma Sector)
The wide upper approach area is an open mild red, but as soon as you funnel through the col the piste immediately steepens to a very good red profile.
Keeping furthest over to the skier's left delivers the most challenging descent (CAUTION: if riding off-piste high to the skier's left, be aware that there are high cliffs below in the area directly under the lift-lines).

Keeping highest to the skier's right gives you the option of taking the variation known as Les Tarteres, a motorway-wide schussable straight which traverses towards the entrance for the gnarly La Canal Gran.

La Portella del Mig itself belts straight down, mellowing somewhat as it sweeps into a wide confluence zone directly below: you can then either veer to the skier's left to take the enjoyable twisting main route, for a good link with Les Portelles chairlift; or, veer ahead-right to schuss over to the lower section of Les Tarteres, and/or to reach the entrance to La Canal Gran.

The lower section of Les Tarteres [when open] from this latter point is the most challenging section of the run, dropping on a steep fall-line down to the skier's right of the cliffs, before rejoining La Portella del Mig for a final cruise towards the upper base lodge area.
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La Portella del Mig & Les Tarteres
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