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Mushing in the Setúria Valley, Pal | © Valls del Nord SA


Other Activities at Pal-Arinsal
As befits Vallnord's image as a ‘Mountain Park’, Pal and Arinsal both offer a wide range of alternative activities to complement the principal piste-based snowsports.

Activities can be booked at the lift-pass/information offices, or pre-booked via Vallnord's central reservations office:
Tel. +376 737 000

NB: you do not need to have a full lift pass in order to participate in the majority of alternative activities on offer at Vallnord.


Adults and children alike can enjoy this fun activity at Pal's La Caubella base area. Strapped into a harness and suspended on elastic ropes above a trampoline, you can safely jump and somersault as high as you dare.


Pony Trekking
Departing from the Pal base area at La Caubella, with routes/duration tailored to your equine experience and/or budget.
Available only by prior arrangement.


Dog Sleding
Mushing (Muixing  in Catalan) is one of Vallnord's most popular alternative activities. Teams of husky dogs pull passengers in Arctic sleds, guided by an experienced musher, around the wooded slopes in the Setúria Valley.
Based at the Coll de la Botella area, close to the Far West bar/restaurant and the Pal-Arinsal cable car base station.
Snow Bikes | © Valls del Nord SA


Ski Sitting Down
Swap wheels for skis and ‘get on your bike’: accompanied by an experienced instructor, you ascend via a chairlift and then descend on-piste seated on these hilarious contraptions.

Wearing a pair of mini-skis fixed to standard ski boots for balance, you steer with the handlebars and by leaning into turns.
Available at Arinsal's Comallempla base area. Further information is available from the ‘Ski Bike’ cabin next to the Panoramix roof terrace.


No previous experience is needed for this classic fun activity. Simply sit down and hold tight to race down the snowfields on a glorified tray!
Available at Pal's La Caubella base area all day and at Arinsal's beginners' zone as part of evening events such as the Torchlight Descent.


Winter Hiking
This is definitely the best way for non-skiers to get on the snow and out into the mountains. Modern snowshoes are made of lightweight materials and are very easy to master. They work by spreading your weight over a wider surface area, allowing you to walk more easily over deep snow, using a pair a ski poles for balance.
Waymarked itineraries have been prepared through the Setúria Valley, departing from the Coll de la Botella.
Stay off to the sides of the pistes when venturing on-foot into the ski area.
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Adventure activities and extreme sports are generally not covered by standard wintersports travel insurance policies:  it is your responsibility to make sure that your policy covers such activities, and/or to check that supplemental cover is offered/provided by the suppliers/operators in resort.
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