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Sector:  Pal
The sole link route towards the Coll de la Botella area from the core Pal sector, beginning as a flat ridge-track under the line of the oncoming La Botella chairlift.

After the initial flat section, you emerge at the top of the runs in the Setúria Valley; with the arrival point of the Setúria chairlift just to your left. Experienced riders can go over the high ground straight ahead for the steepest terrain on a short, wide, red-graded section of the main route, or go to the skier's left to start the fast Posalletes and Font Roja runs. Novices should keep furthest to the skier's right for the easier, but often choppy, short ‘El Colze’ spur of the Coll de la Botella route: this less steep meander then rejoins the prime Coll de la Botella piste, which sweeps straight down towards the Far West bar/restaurant and the Pal-Arinsal cable car base station.

At the bottom of this fast straight, veer to the skier's left in front of the Far West's terrace to make a good link with La Botella chairlift, or to continue to the end of the Coll de la Botella piste cruising down into the valley as a wide top-end blue, with some lovely powder-riding sometimes possible off the skier's right-hand side.

The fast Setúria chairlift provides uplift from the valley floor to the top of the Posalletes piste, where you can traverse over to the top of the fast straight on the Coll de la Botella piste again.
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Coll de la Botella
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