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Chairlift symbol: fixed 4-seater


8 Minutes Journey1030 m (1127 yd) Long
242 m (794 ft) Rise
Sector:  Pal (Setúria)
Prime link lift from the Coll de la Botella area towards the main Pal ski sector.
On the journey up, the Posalletes piste housing the Slalom Stadium & Carving Area is immediately to the looker's right; the Coll de la Botella piste is directly below-left.

On the uppermost section of the journey you get a great view over the whole Pal sector ahead (weather permitting), giving you time to get your bearings and see where you're heading to.

On Arrival:  go straight ahead for the Camí Superior piste, which traverses gently across the face of the Pic del Cubil for all onward links.
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La Botella Chairlift
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