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Cable car symbol: 50-passenger capacity


6½ Minutes Journey
385 m (1263 ft) Rise/Descent
Link:  Pal»Arinsal
The approach to the cable car base station at Pal's Coll de la Botella area is via a flat pisted track behind the Far West bar/restaurant building, an easy link from the Coll de la Botella and Posalletes pistes.

On Arrival:  the upper station is perched on the Port Negre ridge at the top of Arinsal's upper snowbowl:  simply walk out on to the flat ridge saddle, which gives access to the entire Arinsal sector (orientation and onward links are detailed in the description of the Port Negre Saddle).
Link:  Arinsal»Pal
The approach to the [upper] cable car station in the Arinsal sector is via a flat track from the Port Negre Saddle; keep to the right to ease traffic flow.

On Arrival:  the lower [base] station is just next to the Far West bar/restaurant at the Coll de la Botella in Pal's Setúria Valley:  it is just a short stroll to the terrace, or an easy flat stroll/skate on the pisted access track running behind the building to join the Coll de la Botella piste and to reach the nearby La Botella chairlift.

An information kiosk and a helipad are located up on the road level behind the Far West bar/restaurant, and there are some roadside parking spaces here too.
The snowmobile, mushing and snowshoe circuits also start here.

To head towards the main Pal sector, take the fixed 4-seater La Botella chairlift; please consult the Point-to-Point Routes chapter for full route-finder details.
The cable car is easily reached even by novices, who can use this 2-way lift to travel between the two sectors and then follow the blue-graded on-piste links to the opposite base area (and vice versa).

If you miss the last cable car back to your own sector, don't panic!  Return to the nearest base lodge and take a gondola down to village level to get a bus or taxi.
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Pal-Arinsal Cable Car
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