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Ski lift symbol: button tow


3½ Minutes Journey
210 m (689 ft) Rise1800 Passengers/Hour
CAUTION  Not for Novices
Sector:  Arinsal
This steep button tow is the fastest link to the Port Negre saddle from Arinsal's upper snowbowl.

On Arrival:  at the top, go straight ahead to link with the [Arinsal-Pal] cable car; or, dismount to the left to ride along the ridge for La Pala and Tub del Coll, or to link with La Capa button tow on Pic Alt de la Capa; or, U-turn to the right on arrival for the Tub Estadi or to join the blue-graded track which traverses across Pic Negre towards the Bony Vaques and the Port Vell, La Solana & Les Fonts pistes.
This latter direction will also take you towards the Xina Igloo bar/restaurant and the FreeStyle Area terrain park.
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El Coll Button Tow
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