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Sector:  Pal
A couple of fair reds, terraced into the face of Pic del Cubil. They are accessed by dismounting to the left on arrival from El Cubil button tow and El Cubil chairlift; the first section is shared with La Serra piste (signposted as the ‘Serra Superior’).

Shortly after starting your descent, past the entrance for the neighbouring [steeper] Fontanals de les Roques piste, keep to the skier's left if you want to peel off on the fall-line La Cot piste; otherwise, stay high alongside La Serra, before making a wide turn down to the skier's left on the sweeping Fontanals piste, which begins at the point where La Serra eases off for a blue-grade traverse towards the Pla de la Cot.

After their short but enjoyable upper pitches, La Cot & Fontanals then merge with the arterial El Gall piste, giving a good link to the steep El Cubil button tow further down on the skier's left (returning you to the summit of Pic del Cubil). Alternatively, to complete the descent, carefully cross this main blue piste and continue on to the final, steeper, lower section of the now combined La Cot & Fontanals; finishing with good links to La Serra button tow and El Cubil chairlift.
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La Cot & Fontanals
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